Meet Dr Tanja Isabella, USA: Her Scholarship Video Application for my PR and Media Mastermind

Dear Wonderful friend,

Today I am featuring Dr Tanja Isabella, Practicing Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology Celebrity Make-Up Artist Trained PhD in Divinity Author- Speaker- Professor-Model Certified Empowerment & Sex, Love, Relationship Coach. 

Tell me about yourself or/and your brand in a nut shell?: 
My gift centers are healing and beauty. I currently practice dermatology. I am a co-author of 2 woman's empowerment books with my own book coming out on late 2017 through the gift of Linda Eastman a beautiful angel that found me. I am a professor at a local university and I am a public speaker. I have a Doctorate of Divinity and Spiritual Philosophy with an Emphasis in the Divine Feminine. I have been a fashion and hair model in the past. I have a Masters in Education and Exercise Physiology. I have trained with a celebrity make-up artist. I am a certified woman's empowerment coach. I am in the process of obtaining a 600 hour integrated sex, love, & relationship professional coaching certification. I am a beauty, pleasure, and empowerment coach..helping professional women and cancer survivors having the personal lives they desire.

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Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind? :
I wanted to wait until I had more money & more time but my soul is drawn to you. My deepest wound in my heart, soul, and psyche is my visability wound which I was deeply and painfully reminded of today. Despite my logical brain I feel as though God is inspiring me to apply to your amazing program as a gift of healing my visibility wounds from the divine.and from you

You can watch her video here

Very inspirational and powerful! So moving :-) 

Her website is:

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