5 Ideas for Attracting TV, Radio and Podcast Interviews in the Next 30 Days (Part 2)

Happy New Year Wonderful,

I am wishing you all the BEST for 2017 and I truly believe that it is the year of Unlimited Success and I know that you can achieve great things if you just believe and GO FOR IT! 

So welcome to part two which concludes the second part of my last blog post! (if you haven't checked out part one then please read it here before proceeding) 

Here are the additional 2 ideas for Attracting TV, Radio and Podcast Interviews in the Next 30 Days

4) Get Focused: 
You have to focus on publicity if you want to attract publicity, You have to be willing to switch off from Social Media and break some normal patterns that you have to make time to pitch to the media for media opportunities. You have to realise that attracting publicity isn't enough, it take commitment and dedication too! Doing things such as sending e-mails, making phone calls and posting out your press pack to media houses and searching for amazing events that are coming up in your area and asking them if they need a speaker are some of the things that you will need to do on a weekly or monthly basis. And if you are not willing to do it, hire someone on your team to do this work for you. 

5) Create a Podcast Show/Web TV Show:
One of the best ways to attract publicity to your brand is to create your own online show! A weekly show where you add tons of value, having your own podcast can be great as you can invite guests onto your show and it's really modern to have a podcast these days! With a web TV show you could do something like daily v-logging, v-logging once a week, or you could have a weekly show like Alex Beadon "Chatty Tuesdays" or like Marie Forleo "Marie TV". Alex and Marie both show up every Tuesdays on YouTube with a new video on Business or Marketing. Doing something like this can attract so much publicity to you because it shows the Media and your audience that you are consistent and it can make people feel as if they 'know, like and trust you' which could lead to all kind of media interviews, collaborations, publications, travelling opportunities and so much more because the media look hiring people that are doing powerful things online.  

And that's a wrap! Woo hoo!

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