New Video: 5 Ways to Attract New Clients in 2017

Happy Fabulous Thursday,

I hope you are having a FANTASTIC week so far and a great year too, 

Today, I want to discuss the topic of ATTRACTING CLIENTS yay as this can be one of the biggest struggles that entrepreneurs face! Most small business owners need clients to survive. Unless they have other streams of income.

So if you have ever been in that place of wanting to attract new business with speed then this is the blog post for you :-)  I go through the 5 things that I do in my business to attract clients on a consistent basis! This has helped me to make thousands of pounds over the years so take notes :-) 

And there you have it!

Now it's your time...I want to know what do you do to attract clients? 

Tell me 2-3 things that you do to sell your products and services and lets get into a FUN conversation on this topic of attracting clients.

The PR and Media Mastermind

One of the ways that I mentioned in my video is the power of being in the Media! PR and Media can really be life changing and it can transform your business forever!

You just need to look at all the BIG brands that you love and adore and see how much success, fans, wealth and abundance they have attracted as a result of being in the media from celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey and Khloe Kardashian to brands such as Mac Cosmetics, Apple,
and Sony.

If you want to learn how to attract publicity for your small business and if this is something that you are struggling with then I want you to TRULY consider joining us for my new programme the PR and Media Mastermind, it's a 3 month group coaching programme for girl bosses that are determined to break into the Media in a bigger way than ever before this includes being on TV, being in magazines, podcast interviews and so much more! 

Hope you decide to join us, only 10 spots in total and a few spots are taken already so hurry!

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