Meet Indira Pierrot, from the USA: her PR and Media Mastermind Scholarship Entry

Thanks to the wonderful Indira, Female Coach& Beauty and Freedom Finder, from the USA for applying for my PR and Media Mastermind Scholarship!

About her and her brand in a nutshell: 
I am the woman entrepreneur's b.f.f. (Beauty & Freedom Finder) I hope to help more women especially minorities to step up and become entrepreneurs. I want to reach them and inspire them that they don't have to slave away in a job they hate. I also feel led to be in business as a Christian as there are so few currently in the marketplace.

Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind? 
I am in the process of launching my first online products and have made some huge investments in my company already. I have never applied for any scholarship before but I believe in divine guidance & intuition. Tracy referred me to you and you suggested I apply so I am going to continue to follow the path and see what develops.

Watch her video here

What an inspirational video and lovely images,

You can check out Indira here:  

Thanks so much for being here!

Many blessings

Queen xx

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