Tash Jefferies from Canada: Her Scholarship Entry for my PR and Media Mastermind

Thanks so much to Tash Jefferies, Digital and Social Media Strategist, I am so happy to receive your gorgeous and vibrant video for my PR and Media Mastermind Scholarship! She is from Canada :-) a

Tell me about yourself or/and your brand in a nut shell?:
Authenticity, bright colours, and boldness in action. I live and breathe those things :)

Check out her fabulous images and video below: 


Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind?
I LOVE your personality, I know I can learn how to take my PR and media skills to the next level with you, and I'm also excited to contribute my expertise and skills to this group as well! Let's all share and grow together :).

Watch Tash's Scholarship Entry Video Here

What a wonderful video :-)

Visit Tash's website here: 

Many blessings Queen

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