Mary.J.Thompson, USA, her Scholarship Entry for my PR and Media Mastermind

Thanks so much Mary for sending this to me yesterday!

This is such a touching and gorgeous video! Straight from the heart :-) feeling so blessed! This is her entry for our PR and Media and Scholarship video!

Mary is from Utah, USA! Life Coach and Women's Health Expert!

What she does and about her brand: 
I am a life coach & women's health expert, guiding women to get clear on their goals, upgrade their mind & body, build their confidence, and take the leap to live awesomely! My clients are amazing women who feel stuck, and know they are meant for more. Who desire to follow their heart to live the life they dream of! For women who desire to be happy & fulfilled! And for women who are ready to listen, take the leap, and BREAK FREE!

Why would you like to apply to win a FREE scholarship to be in the PR and Media Mastermind?
I love my clients & they get great results! I want to be able to help more people, grow a huge following, & have a high-end international brand!

Watch Mary's Video Here 

You can visit Mary's website here:

Exciting and so inspirational :-) 

Thanks for watching and for reading, 

Many blessings

Queen xx

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