Meet Melissa Pope-Williams, from the USA: Her Scholarship Video for my PR and Media Mastermind

Meet Melissa Pope-Williams, 

Please check out the stunning Melissa Pope-William's Scholarship video for my PR and Media Mastermind!

She's originally from America and resides in New Zealand, and she's a Clarity Coach, a Writer, a Professional Singer and Actress! (Multi-talented for sure)

About here and her brand:
Ah . . . well you know me - ha! Along with being a transformational business coach for women entrepreneurs, an author, a singer, speaker and actor, I plan to begin to finally follow my heart and write novels this year. And not just write novels that I can whack up on Amazon and call it a day, but one of the things I really want to be known for is as a wildly successful fiction author! (And top UpLevelment coach for women entrepreneurs, too!)

Watch Melissa's video here: 

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You can see Melissa at:

I love watching your videos ladies! Thank you :-) and please keep them coming!

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