5 Tips to Boost your Health and Well Being


Are you in need of a FEW juicy health and fitness tips that can make you MORE successful and make you feel more alive? If so you are in the right place my friend. This blog post is totally for you :-) So here is what I recommend you should do on a daily/weekly basis: 

1) Deep Breathing: Take deep breaths a few times a day! Breathing deeply 5 times a day can reduce anxiety and increase calmness and peace in your life! This is good for your lungs, your brain and your whole being! 

2) Get Fit: Exercise 3-4 times a week! Do it because it's compulsory for your health! Exercise can reduce the impact of stress and lower things like heart disease and high blood pressure! Apparently people who exercise are expected to live 7 years longer than those who don't. Add 7 years to your life by training at the gym from today!! 

3) Walk: Get up and walk as much as possible even if you work from home! At work you also need to walk around your building because sitting for 6 hours in a row is dangerous for your health! Every hour get up from the computer at work and walk around for 5 mins, stretch your legs! Go for walks on your lunch break! Don't have lunch on your desk EVER!! It's a really bad unhealthy habit! 

4) Avoid anger: Limit anger, become more cool tempered! Too much anger isn't good for your health! Practice the act of forgiveness on a daily basis. Resentment, grudges and bitterness is what makes most people sick! 

5) Eat Healthy: More salad and more fresh fruit and veg is necessary for your well being! You can be super slim but if your diet sucks it doesn't mean that you are healthy! So we actually need to watch what we eat! 

BONUS TIP: Don't go on crazy diets or make extreme changes your fitness regime without consulting a doctor, nutritionist or a fitness instructor etc: 
Why is this? Well it's BECAUSE chances are, you are not medically trained, so you don't know what your body needs like experts do! You could decide to cut out sugar from your diet. But you actually might have low sugar! Or you might decide to take iron tablets but you might have high levels of iron already! So always do tests and check ups first before you make changes! 

And there you have it!! This is what I do on a weekly basis to try and improve my health. 

Let me know which step you feel you need to follow the MOST from this list? And what's your biggest weakness when it comes to health and fitness? Leave a comment below!!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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