5 Ways to Cope with Bad Days or Bad Moments in Life (From a Christian Perspective)

Dear Friends, 

I wish I could tell you that life would always be AMAZING, WONDERFUL, FUN, EXCITING AND BEAUTIFUL, but we only have to take a good look at the world to see that life has both sides of the coin. 

I am not here to give you a depressing blog post HAHA but rather to give you some encouragement on how to cope with set backs, down days, low moments and how to bounce back from adversity. Because we all face challenges and somethings are just little things that make us feel irritated esp when it doesn't seem to go away!

Have you ever caught yourself thinking... 
"If only this ONE thing would disappear then my life would be perfect". 

A bit like Paul who prayed three times to God to remove the thorn in his flesh (this could have been a physical problem, an emotional problem, stress, a bad person in his life, we don't actually know what the thorn represented) but God responded by saying this "My grace is sufficient for you". Basically it seemed as if God didn't remove the problem but just strengthened him to bare it. We all know that God can and often delivers us from trials and tribulations but there will be some moments when we will simply need to trust God and rely on his strength. (Read 2 Corinthians 12:6-9)

So here we go:

Step 1: Praise God 7 Times a Day:
There is a scripture in the bible where King David said that he would praise God 7 times a day. I think we should be like him. When we are having a BAD day or down moments instead of complaining and blaming God we should instead use it as an opportunity to praise God. Because the truth is, if we have had some bad moments, the chances are we have had some VERY good moments too so let's thank him for everything even if we know that deep down bad things do not come from Him. Praise is also a spiritual weapon that breaks the darkness in our lives. 

Step 2: Get Yourself off your Mind and Be a Blessing to Others:
When bad things happen we can have a tendency to want to shut people out of our lives, we can start to feel bad and depressed and just think of US all day and every day! But I truly want you to take yourself off your mind and think about how you can be a BLESSING to others. Some ideas include throw a party for a loved one that has a birthday that is fast approaching, bake a cake for your lovely nieces and nephews, offer to baby-sit your best friends kids on a Saturday/Sunday, buy a thank you card for your favourite work colleague, buy your mother a lovely gift, text 3 friends that have more problems than you and send them some encouraging words. 

Thinking about yourself all day is one of the best ways to feel down in the dumps, instead use that energy to show compassion, love and kindness to others and you will begin to feel so much better. 

Step 3: Expect Greatness to show up:
Usually there is always a storm, a challenge or a down season before you are promoted in life. So always know that if something bad is happening in your life the chances are something WONDERFUL is just around the corner. Be positive that good is on it's way to you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep believing that. As Joyce Meyer often says prophesy your future and say out loud several times a day "Something good is going to happen to me". 

Step 4: Do Something to Cheer Yourself up:
If you are going through a rough patch, one of the best ways to deal with it is to start taking action to make yourself feel better, some examples include: listen to your favourite songs, go to the gym, get a facial, get your nails done, spend time with loved ones, book a family holiday, buy yourself some nice candles, buy yourself a new game, download a fun app, invest in a course, take a cooking class, or simply enjoy a glass of wine (if you are over the age of 18 of course). 

Step 5:  Rebuke the Negative thoughts in your Mind
Don't put up with negativity or bad thoughts that the enemy brings to tear you down. Do not believe the lies. Tell these thoughts to go away to where the came from. Don't believe everything that comes into your mind. The bible says that the devil is a liar and the father of lies and so he will like to deceive you and make you think that your life is not worth living or so terrible, when really (in reality) you have a great life but are just facing some challenges which in time will make you stronger. 

So my friend, 

I hope that these 5 steps will encourage and strengthen you to feel better and to make others feel better in turn. 

Don't despair...hope is on the way and God has your back, keep praying and keep trusting in him!

I challenge you to grab your note book and a pen and write down a list of all the fun things that you are going to do over the next 30 days and tick off each item one by one. 

Lots of love and blessings

Queen x

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