Featured as "It Girl of the Week" in Jessica Nazarali's Facebook Group

Yesterday, I was tagged into a post and it was wonderful news!

I was featured in Jessica Nazarali's Facebook group as:


"It Girl of the Week"

I'm excited to share this win with you all! The group has nearly 3,500 wonderful members in it, all amazing female Coaches/Entrepreneurs! 
What an honour! Jessica is a Six Figure Master Certfied Coach and Business Strategist from Australia, she also happens to be my Coach that I have been working with for several months in her IT Girl Entrepreneur Coaching Programme and Find your First Few Coaching Clients.

Jessica has made over 600,000 US Dollars in her business and travels the world helping women entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses. 

She can be found at jessicanazarali.com

Check out my exciting feature below