4 Ways to Have your First Magazine Feature

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Yesterday it was my mother's birthday! So happy birthday once again to my wonderful mum Dr Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu who is such an amazing person with a heart full of gold and she has really proved to me that you can achieve amazing things if you put your mind to it! 

Currently it is soooo HOT in London right now which is AMAZING, our weather surpassed 30 degrees yesterday which is beautiful as we are usually so used to cold weather and lots of rain but luckily we haven't needed any umbrella's recently. 

So today I thought to speak with you about MAGAZINE features as I am sure that this is something that you dream of having in your career and life! If you have ever wondered what you can do to increase your chances of being in magazines then this one is for you. 

Here are my 4 TOP TIPS that you can implement right away: 

1) Make a Wishlist:
Create a list of all the magazines that you dream of being in and really visualise yourself being in some (or all of these magazines) do things to make it happen such as visit all the websites on google, subscribe to some of their newsletters, buy a few  magazines and do as much research on these magazines as much as possible. If you want to be in magazines you have to pay attention to the ones that you desire to be in! Remember the saying "out of sight, out of mind" if you don't fall in love with magazines it's hardly likely that you will be in any of them. 

2) Go for Photo Shoots: 
One of the ways that you can be featured in your first magazine is by working with photographers to get STUNNING photos of you. It's important that you have photos that you can use when you are featured in magazines. One of the things that magazine editors do not want to see is low quality photos in their magazines (especially if it's a glam or glossy magazine). So the better your photos are the more chance you will have of being in magazines. 

3) Search for Opportunities to Be Featured:
Do you have local magazines that you could be featured in to kick start your success? Do you have a work magazine, a university one, do you know anyone that runs a online magazine? If so why not reach out to these local magazines and ask if you can be featured. Start with what is on your door step and when you get featured once or twice it will become a ripple effect. Go through your wishlist too and contact editors that you feel might be interested in featuring you, don't only limit yourself to local magazines but also pitch to national and international magazines. My first magazine was OK Magazine which was BIG! I was featured as a result of me competing in the Miss Great Britain pageant in 2010, in the heat for Miss Central London. OK magazine covered the event and I happened to be one of the very few that appear in the magazine, out of about 20 contestants. So sometimes putting yourself out there in fabulous events is also important. 

4) Be a Huge Inspiration: 
Be the best at whatever it is that you do, if you are going to be a Singer be an excellent Singer, if you want to be a professional Dancer be the most amazing dancer in your city! If you are a Entrepreneur make sure you are brilliant at what you do. Because magazine editors are always searching for hero's, role models, inspirational figures and mentors to appear in their magazines. If you are TRULY fantastic at what you do, you will eventually be noticed and you could even end up on the cover! Have a story, a mission, a challenge or a breaking news to share. Because the media are always searching for powerful stories and causes to support. Pitch your story to magazine editors every week, the more you do it the more you will attract the features of your dreams.

And there you have it! :-) 

Which step resonates with you the most? Please leave a comment below and let me know :-)

Wishing you lots of magazine success.

Many blessings

Queen xx
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