5 Ideas for Attracting TV, Radio and Podcast Interviews in the Next 30 Days (Part 1)

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Have you ever wondered what you need to do to start being on TV, Radio and on the Podcast shows of your dreams? If so this is your CHRISTMAS TREAT as I have good news because over the last two weeks I have been designing a new mini programme that will help you to get amazing publicity and media recognition it's called "The Media and Publicity Home Study System" and it's available right now to get today here. And in today's blog post I am below I am sharing a few tips that you can implement right away also:

1) Create a List of Potential Media Contacts& Shows:
The amazing media interviews that you desire to have in 2017 are totally possible for you! you can definitely be on TV, Radio and on Podcast show. But you have to start planning for this type of success. One of the things that might be stopping from attracting local, national and international interviews is a lack of clarity. By that I mean, you haven't really taken time to sit down and spend an hour or two searching (or even 5-6 hours) searching for all the TV shows, radio shows and podcasts that you would like to be interviewed on! And you haven't got a list of potential media contacts that can potentially hook you up either! Perhaps you have been too busy with posting on Social Media, other business activities to do something like this, but you really NEED to take this step if you are serious about having bigger levels of publicity in 2017! In my PR and Media Mastermind Group Coaching Programme, I will be giving all ladies a list of 50 popular shows that they can start pitching to straight away! And I will guide you on what to say with examples of good and not so good pitches. 

2) Pitch to the Media Consistently and Diligently: 
This is something that you should do consistently whether you are a beginning or a pro. I have some girls and women in my beauty pageant business that do not have fancy websites or even a blog and yet they take my tips on board and pitch to the media and get amazing interviews on TV, Radio and they get featured in Magazines and Newspapers. You can pitch to the Media by e-mail, phone or by sending them a letter by post! In a nut shell you need to tell them: 
- That you love what they do (i.e. Dear James from Pop TV, I love your show it's totally amazing...) 
- Who you are (My name is Vanessa, I am a 21 year old Female Entrepreneur from Malta that's just launched a new book called _______________ and I am on a mission to get this book into the hands of over 2,000 women by July 2017...) 
- Why you are writing (I am writing as I would like to be a special guest on your TV Show ....)
- Tell them why you would be the perfect guest for their show (i.e. Tell them a bit about your story, your achievements, an obstacle that you overcame and how this can help their audience)
- Let them know that if they are interested in interviewing you or hearing your story in more details that they can reach you by e-mail (or you can even give them a contact number if they are in your country or city. As a shameless plug, I thought to let you know that I have a sample e-mail waiting for you in my new Media and Publicity Home Study System which you can get immediately when you sign up to the programme today! If you are searching for something more long terms and in-depth then I invite you to work with me in my PR and Media Mastermind which starts in January YAY :-) (limited to 10 women entrepreneurs/female coaches only).  

3) Research Key Terms, Words and Current News in the Media:
One of the best ways to attract more publicity and media recognition for your brand is to increase your understanding of the Media industry in bigger ways than ever before! One of the fastest ways to do this is to simply buy a book on Media studies or a book on Mass Communications. You can also buy a book on any industry that is related to Media studies such as Communications Studies, PR, Video Production, Radio, Cinematography, Film Studies and I even recommend that you buy a book on Politics (you won't regret this).  Please put down your Social Media books, Marketing books and Business books for a few minutes or even a few hours a week to TRULY give some time and attention to your Media and PR Strategy, you will thank me for this one day!  You can also do research by keeping up to date with all current affairs and the latest celebrity gossip. Download an app or subscribe to a few newspapers such as The Guardian Newspaper and Vogue Magazine. It may seem a bit annoying to keep up to date with celebrity news and current affairs and I am not suggesting that you spend 5 hours reading 10 magazines a day but you do need to know what's going on in the world (in terms of Popular Culture and High Culture). The last thing you want is to be asked a series of questions during your interview and come across as uneducated simply due to a lack of research.  

In the next Blog Post I will be sharing 2 more ideas that you can implement to speed up the process of breaking into the Media in 2017! YAY get excited...

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