Back from Nigeria, Presenting at the 3rd ICEST International Conference and Photos from my Trip

Dear Friends,


As you may have GUESSED I went to Nigeria on the 1st of December and now
I am back in the UK! I was there for just a little over a week! Soaking up the beauty of the sun (lots of vitamin D).  

It was such a wonderful trip! The main reason why I went to Nigeria was to attend the 3rd ICEST Conference (Science and Technology Annual Conference) which was in Port Harcourt Riverstate! We went as a group of 14 funded by my mothers company Focus Learning Support which is an academic organisation that helps young people to achieve success in their education! We embarked on this trip with the purpose of delivering academic presentations which we achieved.

My cousins and Aunt from Austria also came with us to Nigeria too which was so much fun! 

So what I did personally, is...I had the opportunity to present two academic papers which was nothing other than amazing, I was also giving the honour of reading one of the profiles of a former President of an Organisation in Japan who was on the panel! As I read out his 3 page profile in front of over 200 people from all over the world which included the paparazzi, I couldn't help but feel a little nervous haha :-) especially as the reading was an unexpected opportunity.

In terms of publicity! I was so blessed to receive so much Media coverage as a result of Speaking at the Conference and as a result of going to other events such as the Women's Conference (see below for details). I have Magazine features coming up in January, we were filmed for TV, I saw myself in many of the publications such as their booklets, newsletters and the ICEST magazine! I have posted one example below and I will upload the rest of the press to my Press page shortly! 

I couldn't believe how much publicity I attracted just by going to Nigeria! This made me realise the importance of attending Conferences which I believe that YOU SHOULD DO TOO if you want consistent media opportunities! Being at the right place at the right time is the KEY! 

I also attended a very important and special burial in Port Harcourt, see images below of me wearing the red costume! I also went to the Diocese of Evo Cathedral (church) where we enjoyed the services and also participated in a Women's Conference. Some of our team gave some wonderful speeches at the event and I just LOVED the event, it was so entertaining due to the music, dancing, praise and worship and the funny acting!

The highlight of the Women's Conference was the amazing fact that a special guest of honour attended! The Governor's wife (The Governor of River state Nigeria), she looked absolutely beautiful and gave a very lengthy powerful 2 hour presentation on "How to Care for your Children" which was a very empowering message for women on how they can raise their children in the most amazing way! This message also applied to men too!

She was so inspirational and her words touched our hearts in the most beautiful way!  

So here are some images below (I will put labels under each image very soon so come back to the post shortly): 


We had such a lovely time from family activities to the conferences and church events that we attended! The food was so delicious too and we stayed at the best hotel in Port Harcourt.

I will be uploding a photo album of the trip to my personal Facebook Page so look out for them if you are my friend and I will also upload some images to Instagram too so please follow me @queenchioma

Hope you like the images, there were so many (picked a tiny portion for this blog post) 

I thank Professor Steve Azaki (the Founder of ICEST) for the opportunity to present papers
and to my mother Dr Elizabeth Achinewhu Nworgu from FLS Ltd for inviting me to speak.  
I also give thanks to the Bishop and the Bishop's wife at the Diocese of Evo Catherdral for honouring us at the Women's conference. 

Many blessings

Queen xx

P.s. Here is one of the features in the ICEST Magazine that I was telling you about yay!


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