Interview with Brittany Hammond on Branding, Entrepreneurialship and Film-making

Happy Sunday wonderfuls& Good news, today I am featuring an extraordinary female entrepreneur called Brittnany, she's from the USA and resides in Paris, she is super inspirational in the online world. She specialises in Branding along with being a Film Maker! How amazing is that! Check out the interview below :-) 

1) Congratulations for all of your successes which includes your work as a Film Maker and a Successful Female Entrepreneur! In your own words, please introduce yourself to my wonderful audience and tell us about your business and what you do:
Hello everyone! I’m Brittany – an entrepreneur, personal brand stylist and film maker! I work 1:1 with artists, author & entrepreneurs to create distinctive and visually compelling, personality-infused brand. I help my clients connect the dots between their personal story and their public persona. I also work with actors specifically to improve their craft and discover their unique assets and leveraging these qualities both on stage and on screen.

2) When did you have the initial thought or feeling to become a Film Maker! How did you get into the Acting Industry? 
There’s only ONE thing I’ve ever been sure of in my life- and it’s that I HAD to make movies. I wrote my first full-length screenplay at age 9 – a horror movie called “Guess who’s next”. I used to rehearse at recess with my girlfriends and I had all the shots planned out.  I got my first agent in Toronto at 15 at worked on a few projects (including Saw 5) before moving to France at age 20. I had to start all over and do a lot of networking and connecting to meet the right people in my field.

3) When did you decide to become a Entrepreneur and what steps did you have to take to make this happen?
I ran my first (6-figure) franchise business at 18. “Brittany Hammond Enterprises”. It was a window cleaning business for residential homes and I had 3 full time employees.

In all honesty, I had no idea what I was doing but I copied my sister who was also in business because my parents told me I had to learn the value of money and find a way to pay for my university education.  The main steps I followed:

- Went through the training provided by the company        
- Invested in the necessary equipment (car, ladders, etc)
- Conducted interviews, hired a team
- Spent 4 months cold calling and booking in clients for Spring production
-  Basically, I followed the system and worked REALLY really hard!

4) In your perspective, what makes a powerful brand?
·- A story that is unique to you yet has a universal theme that inspires + connects to its audience
- Compelling + consistent imagery/photography that is supported by a core theme and messaging
- A promise, fulfilled to your client/customer

5) What are your 3 biggest achievements as a Female Entrepreneur?
- Running a 6 figure business by the mere age of 20
- Sustaining my current business Untamed Lifestyle & Business for almost 3 years SANS newsletter! (How many times do people say the money is in the list ?! I like to be unconventional! Haha)
- Self-publishing my first book! 101 Secrets of Untamed Entrepreneurs

6) How would you describe yourself in 5 words? 
- Firecracker
- Wildly creative
- Professional
- Intuitive
- Resourceful

7) Tell us about your educational background? Did you go to College or University etc? 
I was trained as a professional dancer and actor in a Toronto company for a number of years. In terms of formal education, I studied at Bishop’s University in Québec, Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium and Université de Nice in France, obtaining a double Master’s degree in theatre, cinema and communication.

I’ve been through Tony Robbins programs such as: UPW, Date with Destiny, & Business Mastery. I also participate regularly at intensives and workshops with casting directors in the US and in Europe.

8) You website is so stunning and amazing? What steps did you take to launch your website? 
My website and I have an on-going love/hate relationship!

I owe it to Jenna Soard who mentored me when I first decided to launch my own creative business.

Step 1: Get clear on WHO I am as a person, and as a brand
Step 2: Get clear on my core messaging
Step 3: Get a photoshoot (or 2, or 3) that represents in the most artistic and creative way all the different aspects of Brittany that ultimately will resonate with my audience
Step 4: Start building my site, using Squarespace
Step 5: adjust and up level when necessary!

9) Why do think that some Entrepreneurs succeed while others fail to reach achieve their entrepreneurial dreams? 
This is going to sound harsh, BUT it goes back to nature vs. nurture. You either have “it” or you don’t. You cultivate an entrepreneur mindset or you have an employee mentality. Of course resources, education, coaching is available. I think entrepreneurs fail for 2 reasons:

- They can’t sustain the fire in their belly. They give up.
- They have a lack of confidence

10)  What is the key to entrepreneurial success in your perspective?
#1 is PASSION- the purpose + desire to succeed
#2 is SYSTEMS – the strategy and logic to implement and achieve concrete results
#3 is MINDSET – the wisdom to perceive situations/circumstances, self-analyze, self-improve and stay positive

11) How do you cope with procrastination or resistance? Do you ever face these obstacles and if so how do you overcome them? 
I’ll let you know when I have the answer! Haha

I think procrastination comes from a misalignment OR self-sabotage.

This requires brutal honestly with yourself: asking WHY am I resisting? What is the real problem? Is this task just annoying and I don’t want to deal with it ? Or is it something deeper?

12) Have you ever been in the Media before? If so list two and what did you love about it and what did you find to be a challenge? 
I haven’t been in major media for my business however I’ve been interviewed and in the media for my career in acting and film making!

I loved the exposure, the gratitude of achieving something and being recognized. The challenge is about knowing what to say- preparing a speech, thinking wisely and expressing thoughts clearly and concisely.

13) Do you think that enough Female Entrepreneurs are in the Media? Also do you think it's important for women to be in the Media if they have a brand?   
I see a lot of women in the online world in the media … but I see a lot more men in the more traditional workplace. I think it is absolutely important for women to be in the media to get that exposure and make a difference.

14) What advice would give to amazing women that you would like to follow in your footsteps? My biggest advice is stolen words from Nike….just do it!!!!!

Just go and make those first mistakes, get it over with, put yourself out there!

_____________Interview end

You can find Brittany on her website and on Social Media in these places: 
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And that's a wrap folks! Let me know what are you TOP 3 BIGGEST take-aways or aha moments from this interview, do you have any other branding tips that you can add to the conversation? If so leave a comment below now :-)

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