10 Tools or Social Media Sites that I Use to Grow my Two Businesses (Part 2)


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Yay you are back and I am back so that means that we are HERE together :-) 

So this is part TWO of the article that I created for you recently, so far I covered the first
5 tools and social media sites that I use to grow my two businesses and now I am covering
the other 5 that I use. 

So let's do this...let's dive in: 

6) Lucky B App:
I love this app by Denise Duffield-Thomas as it allows me to track my income and also to track the value that I receive in my life too. Denise is one the best Teachers on the topic of wealth, abundance and money! One success secret that she suggests is to focus on what's coming in (financially), especially if you are trying to transform your money story. Sometimes we focus a lot on what we are spending but not what we are receiving. I really LOVE the idea of focusing on what I am receiving in terms of money because that makes me appreciate the abundance that is flowing into my life. I have seen so much increase in my different streams of income because I track my money close enough on a weekly basis (sometimes I even do it daily) :-) You can download this app for free on the apple store (it's called Lucky Bitch). 

7) Buffer App:
I use this to app to schedule some of my posts on Social Media. More recently I outsource some of my posts on my Facebook Fan Page/Twitter to two members of my Team, but I still LOVE using this app now and then as it's easy to use, fun and helps me to be more productive in my business activities. Sometimes Social Media can take over which is why we need apps like Buffer to spend less time on Social Media and more time on money generating activities.   

8) Calendly: 
I use this wonderful tool as a platform to allow my potential clients, team members, the media or anyone that wants to book a online appointment, an interview or a discovery call with me. It's so cool as you can send your potential client/colleague/team member etc the link and they can book a slot in your calendar. I like the fact that you can block out times that you are unavailable to prevent double bookings. I recently interviewed 12 potential clients on the topic of Media and Publicity by sending all the ladies my calendly link and it worked out beautifully even though we all live in various parts of the world. That's the beauty of using a online scheduler like Calendly.  

9) Mail Chimp:
This is the platform that I use to send out my newsletter (AKA e-mail marketing). I usually send out my e-mail once or twice a week! I also use e-mail automation (which consists of scheduling my newsletter posts/e-mail sequences) and I tend to send more e-mails when I am launching a product or service when I have a special event that's fast approaching. The best part about Mail Chimp is some of the features are FREE i.e. you can e-mail up to 500 people before you need to start paying a montly subscription. I also use Constant Contact for my Pageant Business newsletter list and I find it to be a great platform for keeping in touch with my other list too. 

10) Skype: 
Just incase you don't know what skype is (which I'm sure you do know but...) it's basically the most popular and professional video conferencing platform in the online world (that's in my humble opinion). It is very similar to Facetime but it's much more professional and you can access Skype from your PC, laptop, iPhone, android phone or iPad whereas some other platforms are very limited.  This is perfect for coaches, and entrepreneurs that need to communicate with their potential clients or current clients face to face o audible. You can chose to use audio only for your Skype call or you can use video chat. This is the platform that I use to Coach all of my clients, for all discovery calls and all online interviews. However one of the cons of using Skype is sometimes the quality can be a bit up and down! So it can keep cut out here and there! So having a strong internet connect is key especially if you are Skyping with a client that lives across the globe! 


And that's a wrap my friend! 

Thanks so much for reading my latest article and I hope you found it to be super valuable. 

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what two platforms do you use from the list above? 

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