Why your Brand Needs Consistent Media Coverage and Good PR

Happy Wednesday,

I have recently changed some of the direction of my business to "Media Coaching and PR services" as many of you can probably tell! :-)

The reason why I have chosen to do this is because my Coach Jessica Nazarali helped me to see my potential for this line of work! I LOVE success coaching and I will still offer a success package in future for sure (coming soon so watch this space) but I see that I have so much experience knowledge in media, PR and all things publicity! Having come from a background of studying Communications, Media Studies and Mass Communications (at college and University) this gave me the edge to really understand how to help people that want to BREAK INTO THE MEDIA :-) 

I have also worked in the TV industry for many years too as a TV Presenter and a TV Host! I help out with production, filming, photography, editing videos etc! so I know so much about how to get publicity, how to attract media recognition and how to get interviews!

I have been able to leverage the power of the Media for my brand, which has led to me been on TV over 150 times yay! My business UK's Dazzling Beauty now has over 50 press releases/media interviews/features which is so exciting! I credit so much of the success of UK's Dazzling Beauty to the press that I have had. 

But I see that are a lot of Female Entrepreneurs that have really leveraged the power of
Social Media and even with attracting clients! You have TONS of fans and followers and lots of AMAZING clients but HARDLY ANY MEDIA COVERAGE :-( this makes me sad and this is WHY I decide to make this video today to show you why you need to take being in the media VERY SERIOUSLY and not just leave it at the bottom of your list in your business because it truly is IMPORTANT :-)

One TV interview or one powerful Radio Interview can change the health of your business forever! You are supposed to be on TV, in magazines, in newspapers, on radio, having consistent speaking gigs! If you want to be in the Media then make it happen...

Watch this video today to discover "Why your Brand Needs Consistent Media Coverage"

Leave me a comment below and let me know the following 

1) Do you feel called to be in the Media in a bigger way than ever before?
2) Have you had any media interviews in the last 30 days and which one was your BEST?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Many blessings

Queen Chioma
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