Imagine how you will feel when you are on you are being interviewed on your favourite TV shows, 
Imagine how successful you will feel when you are in magazines, newspapers and guest blogging like NEVER before

Imagine the fans, followers and opportunities that you WILL attract when you have a HIGHER level of viability and publicity. Imagine your Brand being up there with the BEST of the BEST! 

Be honest with me (this is a place when you can open up) Do you ever get FRUSTRATED or FED up of seeing all of your colleagues or these big time GURUS having so much media coverage when you just know that you have EXACT same SKILLS, TALENTS and A HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL STORY (if not more than theirs)? Do you ever feel that you are being overlooked for amazing media opportunities because you haven't exactly figured out how to stand out and shine or how to pitch to the media in a way that gets you a big YES?

If you have ever wondered, wished or dreamed of being some what famous to help people, share your products and services, to showcase your talents and to make a DIFFERENCE in the world then you are in the RIGHT PLACE.

This is your time, your chance and your moment to make it BIG and discover how to use the media to lift your profile and brand.

Let me show you how I attracted over 100 TV appearances, magazine features, over 50 press releases and high levels of publicity!

What are your TRUE media desires? If you knew that it were impossible to fail, would you want to achieve any of the following below?

- Launch or grow your very own successful YouTube channel
- Publish your First Book or Become a Best Selling Author that is always Featured in the Media
- Attract amazing work as a News Reader or as a Reporter

- TV Presenting Opportunities
- To have more wonderful Media logos on your website so that you have the credibility that you and your brand needs to attract more clients and to prove your reputation
- Appear to be more powerful online and live events
- Carry yourself as a Celebrity or as a High Profile person
- Reach thousands of people with your message, story and talents
- Your first TV Interview (or regular TV interviews)

- Guest Speaking opportunities
- Hosting events
- Magazine Features
- Being on the Cover of a Magazine
- Consistent Press releases
and so much more...

You know your dreams are possible but you need help to get unstuck, you desperately want more accountability, support and help because you know that you just can't do it by yourself.

Introducing the Media and Publicity
90 Minutes Transformation Session with Queen Chioma

In our 90 Minutes Media and Publicity Transformation session I will help you to achieve 3-5 of your AMAZING media goals and hep you to put together a step by step plan for attracting more publicity, press, magazine features, TV interviews, podcast interviews, radio interviews and so much more! Sometimes it takes just ONE session to experience breakthroughs that are just simply LIFE CHANGING!

Don't take my word for it read Lindsey's Testimonial Below:

5 Reasons to Book this 90 Minutes Media and Publicity Transformation Session:

1) You are struggling to attract publicity and media recognition for your business

2) You do not fully understand how to attract TV interviews, magazine features, 

3) You have not had much press, interviews or features lately and you are FED UP of the feast and famine cycle of publicity in your life

4) You want to shine like NEVER before and be in the Media in bigger ways than ever

5) You feel called to be in the Media whether that is TV Presenting, Guest Speaking, Motivational Speaking or Starting a Podcast show and you want to make your DREAM a living reality 

Here are some of my Media Moments
(from TV appearances to attending exclusive conferences)

If you are ready to take action and become the STAR that you truly desire to be and to have a BRAND that is highly recognised in the media then sign up today for my 1-1 90 Minutes Session

The Investment for this Coaching Session is

1 Payment of £157.00