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- Are you struggling to attract good PR and AMAZING Media coverage for your brand?

- Do you feel as if you haven't got a CLUE where to start in regards to pitching to the Media or following up with the Media?

- Do you DREAM and wish to be on TV, Radio and Podcast shows and feature in Magazines, Newspapers and secure Speaking Gigs but you don't know how to turn these wishes into a living reality?

- Do you sometimes feel that you are in a ROOM full of samies on Social Media and you aren't really getting your message, story gifts, talents or your products and services out there as you know you should?

- Do you sometimes feel that you are not being visible enough and you just KNOW that you are letting your brand down by playing a small game?

If you have answered YES to at least ONE of these questions then I am SOOO happy that you are here! Because I am literally on a mission to help Girl Bosses, Female Coaches, Women Entrepreneurs break into the Media and start securing POWERFUL Media interviews. Right now I have opened up 10 spots for my 90 Mins PR and Media Transformation Session and I truly want you to JUMP IN if you feel that this is perfect for you. 


Introducing the Media and Publicity
90 Minutes Transformation Session with Queen Chioma

In our 90 Minutes Media and Publicity Transformation session
I will coach you on 4-5 of your AMAZING media goals and help you to put together a step by step PR and Media Game Plan for attracting more publicity, press, magazine features, TV interviews, podcast interviews, radio interviews and so much more! Sometimes it takes just ONE session to experience breakthroughs that are just simply LIFE CHANGING!


Be honest with me (this is a place when you can open up), do you ever get FRUSTRATED or FED up of seeing all of your colleagues or these big time GURUS having so much media coverage when you just know that you have EXACT same SKILLS, TALENTS and A HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL STORY (if not more than theirs)?

If you definitely feel this way or if you ever have then it's time to do something about it! TODAY!

A Bit About Me: 

Hello Beautiful, my name is Queen Chioma, I am a International Motivational Speaker, a TV Presenter and the author of the book Festive Success (which you can check out/order on amazon).
I am also a PR and Media Coach and a Former Multiple Award Winning Beauty Queen turned Pageant Director.

I have achieved so many of my FABULOUS GOALS, DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS and I am here to help you to achieve your AMAZING DREAMS especially with the new season fast approaching! I know that you want to end this year on a HIGH and I want you to know that it's NOT TOO LATE!  

Just incase you were wondering what are some of my achievements to take you through this programme here are a few below: 

I have a Master’s degree in Education
- I have a BA hons degree in Mass Communications and Sociology
- Over 150 TV appearances (which includes TV Hosting, TV Presenting, appearances and interviews which includes being on several TV channels such as ITV, Ben TV, RSTV, Dutch TV and MTV. 
- I have been in magazines and newspapers such as OK Magazine, The Islington Gazette and The Echo
- I became an Author of her book Festive Success, Nine Golden Rules for Achieving your Dreams, Goals and Aspirations in 2015
- I have travelled to over 47 cities and states across the UK and abroad
- I have spoken at tons of schools colleges, universities, seminars and conferences in the UK and abroad this includes 'The World Congress Conference' (in Turkey) and several times at 'The Comparative Education Society Conference (in Bulgaria). 

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Imagine how you will feel when you are on you are being interviewed on your favourite TV shows, Radio stations, podcasts, and when you are speaking at BIG events all over your city and abroad, 
Imagine how successful you will feel when you are in magazines, newspapers and guest blogging like NEVER before

This is your time, your chance and your moment to make it BIG and discover how to use the media to lift your profile and brand.

Let me show you how I attracted over 100 TV appearances, magazine features, over 50 press releases and high levels of publicity!

12 Ways that this Session Could Help you? 
- Learn how to Build your Media Page on your Website along with building your Media Kit
- Creating Powerful stories that attract Media Coverage
- Master your Interview Technique for Tough Media Interviews
- Understand how you can Use PR and Media to attract more clients,more sales and quality leads

- Gain ideas for promoting your Book i.e. how to do book tours, meet and greet, how to attract good reviews, competition ideas and how to get your book in front of thousands or even millions
- Learn POWERFUL Media Copying Writing, how to add media tweaks to your website so that journalists, TV hosts, Producers and editors start reaching out to you instead of you always having to chase them
- Discover how to be more Strategic on Social Media so that you are NOT spending 24/7 on Instagram or Facebook and yet barely reaping the PR and Media rewards that celebrities or high profile people experience
- Learn how to take your brand from local status to Celebrity status or High Profile status

- Ideas for having wonderful Media logos on your website so that you have the credibility that you and your brand needs to attract more clients and to prove your reputation
- Ideas of how to get you first TV Interview (or regular TV interviews), Podcast Interviews, Radio Interviews etc
- Gain Ideas for attracting consistent Guest Speaking opportunities and Hosting Events
- Learn How to Secure your Magazine Cover, spreads in Magazines and Features in Newspapers
and so much more...this is how I help my clients when they book Coaching with me!

If you are ready to take action and actually discover how to build your Media page, prepare for Media Interviews and find out what's holding you back from being more visible, and if you KNOW in your heart of hearts that it's your time to have a BRAND that's consistently featured in the Media then sign up today for my 1-1 90 Minutes Media and Publicity Transformation Session today!

The Investment for The Media and Publicity Transformation Session is:

1 Payment of £157.00

Refund policy: Please note that there are no refunds for this coaching session. All sales are final