1) I am the Founder of UK's Dazzling Beauty a FABULOUS National Beauty Pageant that helps girls and women to achieve their DREAMS of breaking into the Modelling, Pageant, Media and Performing Arts industry in a bigger way than ever before. We have achieved over 50 press releases. 

2) I have travelled to over 44 cities and states across the UK and abroad which includes New York, Milan, Ohio, Plovdiv, Pennsylvania. Frankfurt, Paris, Venice, Rome, Vienna, Sofia, Dubai, Portharcout, Lagos, Abuja, Manchester, Blackpool, Coventry and Oxford. 

3) I was born in Southampton, I've lived in London for 29 years and my heritage is NIGERIA! 

4) I have met or seen over 25 famous celebrities in real life this includes Gwen Stefani, Tulisa, Tina Knowles, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Katie Price to name a few!  I seemed to always bump into celebrities wherever I would go or be invited to events where they would be present! Eventually I took it as a sign that one day I would be in the media and now I see that I was right.

5)  My favourite fruits are banana's and oranges

6) My two favourite colours are TEAL/TURQUOISE AND PINK  

7) I have attended the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society Conferences 6 times (that is 6 years of dedication and commitment) I have presented several papers at these events and had my work published into several of the BCES books. 

8) I have performed as a Singer in 5 different countries which includes Turkey, Nigeria, the UK and Bulgaria

9) My two biggest speaking gig to date was speaking at the Generation Yes Seminar where 9,000 youths attended over the 3 day event! I had the chance to impact the youths through Motivational Speaking and Performing live. I also gave a presentation at an Education Seminar held at the House of Parliament. 

10) I competed at European finals of Face of Europe at Disney Land Paris for the Face of Europe 2011 amongst 56 Finalists from all over the UK and Europe.